Our Lady of Good Counsel all Excited about Saving Water!

30 November 2011

Right outside Sion Railway Station is located the Our Lady of Good Counsel School. One would never ever know there is a school here if not for the hordes of school students once the school bell has rung. For one, it's outside one of the city's most crowded stations, and then there is the intersection that it is at, with a traffic from both the Central and the Western Suburbs, and a skywalk barely five meters outside its gate! Phew! From an outsider's point of view, it would be difficult to understand, that inside it is a whole different world. One can barely hear any of the noise that the crowds outside make, yet there is commotion and excitement all around. Inside, the students are an equally noisy bunch, but that is like any other school anywhere in the world.

Such a batch of students is what forms the Nature Club of OLGC School, Sion. Enthusiasm and answers through out is what we always get when we come for the GreenLine session over here. The students all seem very excited about each session, right from watching the videos and presentations to answering a plethora of questions on any environmental topics given to them. The students at the session told us that they conducted eco-interviews following the last session. The students are now all excited about saving water in the school, their own homes, and eventually throughout their neighborhoods... We wish the students the very best!


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