Fort Convent, Colaba Girls Get Ready to Green South Mumbai!

With each school that our team covers in the Green Schools Campaign, we realize one thing: We are witness to the growth of a number of possible environmentalists all over, children who understand  that the environment is not something external but something that encompasses us all, each and every day. With the answers they provide and the questions they pose, it really is heartening to see that at least in the younger generations of our population, there are a lot more who believe that Mother Earth is in need of urgent care. One such School that we found no different from this growing idea is Fort Convent High School, Colaba, and as always it was great to be here for a session.

The girls of this school are an enthusiastic bunch-- They had quick answers for almost all of the questions  we asked them and were also unlike most of us adults, quick to accept that we are wasteful, at least when we are speaking about water! We showed the students a documentary clip on water and followed these up with sessions by Jessica and Alden. Throughout the presentations, we knew that the students were giving, smart mindful answers today, proof that they were serious about making the world a better place to live in. It took them 3 seconds to all raise their hands when asked if they wanted to join in in the 'My School Saves Water Challenge'. We wish the girls from here the very best in their endeavor!


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