Dominic Savio Saving up H2O !

Dominic Savio, Andheri
December 1, 2011

         Dominic Savio High School is located around ten minutes from Andheri Station but it took us Forty five minutes due to the bustling traffic. But once we arrived at Dominic Savio High School, the distressing experience was a worthwhile one. 
             The boys from Dominic Savio gave an impressive presentation on the waste auditing for their school, their various observations and how they intend to deal with the waste in the future. 

          We started the session asking the boys as to what is their take on water. The boys answered that water sustains life and is one of the most important resource on the planet. We screened a GreenLine Movie ‘Water’ following which the boys listed out difficulties surrounding water supply in Mumbai. Then, Jessica elaborated further on these issues with a presentation. On realizing the amount of water wasted in the city on a daily basis, the boys wanted to reduce this wastage. So Alden gave them set of activities that the boys could take up to minimize the wastage of this precious resource. The boys were very enthusiastic to do these activities. 
            Wishing them all the best as they advance to conserve water in their schools and neighborhoods!


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