Let’s be water efficient at Auxilium wadala

1st December, 2011

The nature club from Auxilium High School at Wadala has around 100 members and this is indeed double the amount of members that we usually find in any school. Our second session here began with a presentation from the girls on the Waste Audit that they had conducted, and suggestions on how they would do their best to reduce waste on their part.  It was great to see the girls in Auxilium Wadala wanted to introduce certain changes in their lifestyles to make their school more eco-friendly. The GreenLine team added in a few more ideas that the girls could take up and become a zero garbage school. 

We then moved on to the topic of ‘Value Water’. The girls were shown a GreenLine documentary on the issues concerning water in Mumbai. After watching the movie, the girls gave in their inputs that Water is our lifeline and we must save water today so that it will be available to us in the future. Next, Jessica enlightened the girls about how much water we consume and waste on a daily basis. Alden, then gave them a set of challenges that they could take up to use water wisely and care for it in their school and surroundings. 

The girls believe that ‘A whole lot of people saving little bit of water adds up to whole lot’ and accepted the challenge saying that they would do their bit to do so. All the best to Auxilium as you progress to be more water efficient! 


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