St.Paul's boys on their way to save water!

17th December,2011

 To moan and groan about the destruction of our planet is what we always do, but these young minds at St.Paul's are  ready to work towards improving the global environment! The session today had  around eighty eco-club members present. The session started with the students views regarding the present water scenario in Mumbai. The boys spoke about the water loss and other water related problems that one has to face in the recent times

Following which there was a screening of GreenLine documentary , 'water'. The boys listed out the various concerns with water supply in Mumbai. Then, there was a presentation by Jessica which highlighted the statistics about water shortage and wastage. Next, the boys were given 'My School Saves Water Challenge' by Alden. The boys were all excited to carry out these activities in their Schools.

All the best to boys of St.Paul's as they gear up to save water !


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