Andreans take up the Green Challenge

13th December 2011
            Team GreenLine had its second session at St. Andrew's High School, Bandra today. The Std. IX boys attended the session. They were one excited lot, with oodles of energy!The session commenced with Fr. Savio explaining the Green Schools Campaign to the students – the previous session had been attended by Std. X and hence this group was new to the Campaign.  He then moved on to the topic for our current session – 'Water' – and engaged the boys in a short discussion on this issue. 
      Next, there was the screening of the GreenLine documentary on 'Water', following which the boys articulated the different concerns surrounding water supply in Mumbai. Jessica then gave the boys a further insight on each of these concerns. Finally, Alden presented the 'My School Saves Water Challenge', which would help the boys to minimize wastage and conserve water in their school, and most importantly, in their Homes.

In the entrance lobby of the school, you see displayed on the wall the slogan: ‘Proud to be an Andrean’. Well, the St. Andrew’s boys now have a great opportunity to make their school proud, by working to create a greener environment!  


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