Smells like Green Spirit at St.Pius X,Mulund

 10th December 2011

           A warm welcome aboard to St.Pius X as they join in the Green Schools Campaign for the year! This school is amidst a clean neighborhood indeed and the Piusites are certainly a boisterous bunch. 

           Today was our first session with the Piusites. Alden gave a brief introduction about the Green Schools Campaign. He asked them what was their take on the current issues regarding the environment and received some ingenious answers. They said that we are destroying our home, 'Earth' but there are number of ways to take care of it but the change starts with each one of us! 
        Next, he eased the boys into the topic for the current session on 'water'. We had a screening of the GreenLine Movie on 'Water', followed by another interactive discussion with the boys about the issues raised on water supply in Mumbai. The boys were quick with their answers and open to the idea that we all can tackle this problem. Then Jessica elucidated on the various facts and figures with regards to water shortage and wastage in our Mumbai city. The boys were quite startled by these statistics and asserted that they wanted to show they do value water. Alden then gave the boys a set of challenges to carry out that would help them conserve water. The boys willingly volunteered to take charge of the different activities. 

             Nearing the end of the session, the forty boys present for the session formed the new Nature Club at Pius with the consent of their teacher. We hope that St.Pius gets involved in the green scene and wish them the very best!


Lyra said…
Good! Mulund is finally on board! Cheers to the kids and the GreenLine team!

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