St. Anthony's High School Versova's All Set to Save Water

December 9, 2011 

Friday morning saw us heading to St. Anthony's High School Versova, for its first session in this year's Green School's Campaign. The session began with Father Savio introducing the team to the students and the concept of the campaign, and also easing them into the idea of how saving the environment and protecting that which provides life to us, is a good idea. The students here were very receptive to the ideas and suggestions that we made, and it was good to see the level of involvement that these students wanted to show! After the introduction, the children watched with keen interest the documentary on Water, followed by careful scrutiny of the information that Jessica provided for the water statistics of the city of Mumbai. This was then followed by an excited bunch of students getting all set to do all of the water activities that Alden told the students they had to complete in order to be a real cool school!


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