Get down to Save Water at St. Anne’s Malad

7th December 2011
  The nature club from St.Anne’s is indeed an amazing one and are already doing their bit to make their school more eco-friendly one. Alden started out the session by asking the students what efforts were taken up by them as a Nature Club since the previous session. The club members listed out number of activities they have carried out to promote the green movement in their school (for e.g. selling cloth bags on the day of  Open House and buying Coffee mugs for their teachers so as to prevent them from using paper/plastic cups, visiting the BNHS and Clean up Drive.etc).

          Following this, the GreenLine documentary ‘Value Water’ was shown to the children. The children spoke about the all the issues that were brought up in the movie and Jessica gave a detailed presentation regarding these issues. The children came up with various ways they could prevent wastage of water on their part. Then Alden gave them a set of tasks they could carry out to minimize water wastage in their schools and homes. The kids were excited to try out these tasks and we wish them all the best as they contribute their bit to conserve water.


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